Day Trader – What is a Day Trader in forex?

What is a Day Trader?

Definition Day Trader: This is an investor who takes the positions in the commodities, stocks and currencies which are then settled before the trading session gets closed or within a time period of 24 hours. These traders do not have any interest in the inherent value of the traded security. Most of them prefer the trade which is based on the technical analysis and the indicators related to it to protect the short term gain chances provided by the market volatility. Trading plans are similar to the ones who are appointed by the Swing traders who search for profitable trends. General Forex trading plans are called as “scalping”. This is a method designed to gather several small profits where the position is held for few seconds. Fast entry and exist lessens the important downside danger of an enormous negative sway in the Forex trading market on an exact currency pair. The policy depends on the steadiness of specific cost patterns to replicate.