Dan Zanger – world record for stock trading returns

dan zangerDan Zanger is best known for making a huge success after spending 20 years learning about stock market. He turned his 10000USD that he got from selling his car and invested into stocks, into 18 million in just one year, which also made him a world record holder for the biggest percentage change in personal portfolio in one year. So Dan Zanger holds world record for stock trading returns – from $10.000 till $18.000.000.

He appeared on the covers of Forbes magazine, as well as Fortune and Stocks&Commodities magazines
During his twenties, after he quit college – even though his parents were educated people who were a physician and a psychologist – he worked as a cab driver and a cook, before moving to LA to seek his fortune. He got a job as a constructor, and he was working in pool construction business.

Dan Zanger world record trader

Dan Zanger trader – Background

Meet Dan Zanger, a guy who became a trader from his early age. His mother was the one whom with he watched the business news on TV. His first stock bought was in 1978 when he saw a price of a stock at 1USD. Couple of weeks later he sold it for more than 3USD. After that he couldn’t keep his eyes from the stock market. As he was working his job as a contractor for building pools, he would keep with himself a quote trek in order to keep in touch with the stock market. He learned about the market as he was working his daily job and he tried to realize the best way to enter a successful stock market business.
In order to learn more he listened to a course conducted by William O’Neil and that is when he was sure that he knew how to choose the right stocks. He did a hard work for two decades, spending entire week to learn about how to discover good stocks to trade with. After introducing stocks to internet, and as the access to information became more procurable, he sold his car in order to have enough money to enter the market. Than in just one year, his 11,000 dollars that he got from selling the car became 18 million dollars. That’s how 20 years of studying the market turned to be helpful to Dan. This made him a full time trader so he could leave constructing.
As a message to traders he says that Darvas’ system is used all over the world by the most successful traders, but it is not easy to understand, and majority of traders don’t understand it.
He is a world record holder for stock market portfolio appreciation for one year’s trading, as he got more than 29000 %, as he turned 11000 into 42 million dollars. Trader Monthly sets him as one of the world’s best 100 traders with 25 million USD annual incomes.

Dan Zanger trading strategy
Dan has database with more than 1300 stocks.He picks 30-60 from AIQ database and he wants to watch high volume stocks.He doesn’t use indicators – only chart patterns. Dan doesn’t hold a trade more than two to three weeks.He always use tight stops.His favorite book is “How
to make money in Stocks” by William O’Neil. He read that book over 35 times during a 6 year period.
You can visit his website http://www.chartpattern.com/ and read Dan Zanger 10 golden rules

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