Currency Symbol – What is a Currency Symbol?

What is a Currency Symbol?

Definition of Currency Symbol: It is a code made of three letters. This code is used as an abbreviation used for money. ISO 4217 is described as an international standard that is used for defining this code made of three letters, which describe the names of the currencies made by the Organization for Standardization. This code list is regarded as a recognized norm in the business and banking across the world used for describing the currencies and in several countries this code is used for common currencies. The initial two letters in the code are known as alpha and country codes. These two letters are also regarded as a base for the top domains in the internet. Let us take an example. Just imagine that the currency code of Japan is JPY. In this, JP stands for the country named Japan and Y stands for Yen. If money is again valued, the last letter of the currency code is altered to differentiate it from the previous ones. There are also some currencies that have signs and symbols that are generally used as an abbreviation for the name of the currency. Some of the slang, signs and currency symbols are AUD which stands for Australian Dollar, EUR which signifies Euro and many more.