Xtrade forex broker – bonus and review

XTrade Review

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XTrade is an international broker company with more than a hundred and forty nations through the world. It was established 13 years back and the company has earned its reputation as among the harmless firms in the marketplace these days. This platform provides traders with fresh possibilities when it comes to investing in the Forex, CFDs, commodities, indices trading and even shares. The company is fully regulated by some of the regulatory bodies that includes the ASIC and CySec to name some. There are also advantages and disadvantages in every platform. Some of the advantages are educational resources, wide spread trading instruments, demo account, mobile trading, bonus priorities and even risk management tools. Some of the disadvantages are high spreads and not obtainable to traders in the US.

The framework

XTrade trading is operational through an exclusive trading platform that is sustained by an progressive software and back office edifices. The platform enables the traders to perform various kinds of tools through the use of the market order, loss stop and take profit order at the same time. There are other tools involved in the trading framework and that includes the candlestick charts, technical indicators and others that enables the traders to come up with a more precise trade options.

Trading through a mobile device

Moreover, to add up to the web founded trading framework, the traders can simply get an easy access with the similar functionalities through their handheld devices as they would usually do on the PC. The XTrade framework is now available in various mobile devices such as Windows, Apple and even Android users. That will enable you to trade wherever you are at any time as well.

Kinds of accounts & bonuses

XTrade provides 2 kinds of accounts and they are the standard account which is meant for newbies and the premium account which is meant for the veteran traders. They divide the accounts to be able to give chance to both types of users that they have in the platform. For the standard account users, the minimum deposit is around $100, the leverage is 1 in every 400 and there is no commission payment at the same time. for the premium account holders, there is a minimum deposit amount of $1,000, the leverage is 1 in every 400, there is also no commission and there are VIP services being offered.

In terms of bonuses, you will come across some of the most exciting ones in the platform such as the following:

1. 1st trade

This kind of bonus pays for the initial place you open up. If you will earn you will keep it however if you will loss, the platform will compensation the loss to more than $120 in cash amount.

2. Telephone confirmation bonus

You can get $20 in cash for being able to verify your telephone number. This bonus probability will be available for every phone number and which is positioned in your equity. You can also use the bonus to trade or to redeem it in thirty days’ time after accomplishing more than three hundred points.

3. 1st deposit bonus

You will get more than 20 percent to more than 60 percent on your primary deposit. For just a $100 amount, you will be qualified to gat around $50 bonus, though there will be a max. deposit of around $10,000 which could go up to more than $6,000 worth of bonuses.

4. Account verification type of bonuses

You will get around $25 worth of cash bonus after verifying your account. The addition will be given on a per account basis and will be deposited in your impartiality after placing your primary deposit. The bonus may be used to skill or you can get it after reaching three hundred points in thirty days’ time.

Trade kinds & assets

Xtrade bids you more than a hundred trading assets to choose from. You will come across Stocks & Equity CFDs which are considered as high trading value stocks like Apple, IBM and even Google. In terms of Forex, the trade may be done using some famous currency pairts and you can choose from more than fifty currencies in pairs like the US dollars and Japan Yen, US dollars and Great Britain Pounds to name some. They also offer indices which enables you to trade the value of the futre indices from roughly of the famous share markets like Dow Jones. They also offer commodities like silver, gold, natural gas and oil.

Tools & features

There are some famous tools as well as features that can be used in the trading platform. First is the learning which gives an exclusive educational material for all kinds of traders. That includes a free trading leader with some video recordings and a help coming from an account manager that is handling your account in a personal manner.

Mobile trading is another option. The XTrade mobile platform enables the traders to do the trading anywhere and everywhere. This is best for those who are always on the go, because it is accessible using different mobile OS.

The stop loss order is another option. The XTrade offers some danger supervision tools like the stop loss order. This is a feature that hinders the traders from using a massive loss when in terms of the essential asset changes in an unanticipated direction. The feature enables the XTrade to loss a certain position when the asset actually spreads a particular price point.

The take profit order is another feature that helps you from losing the profit when the price of the instrument moves in a favorable phase. The feature enables the XTrade to close a position when the cost of the instrument reaches a particular point.