ETX Capital Review

Available trading platforms
The platform supported by ETX Capital gives several unique features within its sectors of business. For example, there is a neat tool that enables traders to aim for betting new spreads with only one click. This feature is particularly attractive to fresh traders and those who are not day-traders. Clients who register get the option of opening spread bets that are based on thousands classes of assets with only one account.
The platform doesn’t require you to download anything to get to your account, as you get there through the company’s website. It is also accessible through iPhone. Interesting thing is that – at least at the moment of writing this review – it is the only mobile operational system that ETX Capital supports. The ETC platform has got easy going appearance with easy-to navigate through design.

This is a decent broker that still needs time to develop into a more serious competitor on the market, however all types of spread betting traders will be able to do their job there, with novice traders possibly seeing more advantages than professionals would see.
Due to its restricted possibility to offer more competitive bonuses, on the other hand, might keep some beginners (and more experienced traders) away.
Also, some of the tools you would expect to help you more are really undeveloped and offer only basics. Beginners can gain from that, but more professional traders actually can’t.
Another strange thing is that the company doesn’t have a firm promotion program. There are promotions, but happen irregular, without any plan and any order. Of course, any promotion and discount is welcomed, but by the time this was written, the company still hasn’t found its path in connection with incentive program.

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