Big Figure – What is the Big Figure?

What is the Big Figure?
Definition of Big Figure: This term is generally utilized by the Forex traders for abbreviating the existing quotes meant for a money pair like for example the first three numbers in the quotation, Big Figure are plunged and the rest of the figures speak about the real quote. Infrequently, the stem or the entire whole dollar cost of a quotation is plunged. For instance, a Yen quote might be about 112.082 or 84. In such a case, the quote is 112. In the same manner, in a European quote of about 1.2750 or 52, the quotation of Big Figure is nearly 1.27. It is generally dropped in such a manner tat the cost might be quoted as nearly 50 or 52 by the Forex trading brokers. In America, the quote is generally referred as Handle.