Aweber is tool for forex email marketing

Analysis of Aweber – Tool for Email Marketing
Forex marketing is very competitive field. In this non forex trading article, I will write one nice review about excellent Newsletter service that can be used in forex newsletter business.
Today, you can take your pick from a wide range of tools for email marketing. However, Aweber is still the most popular tool among amateur and even professional marketers as we can read in Aweber Review.

The Aweber Platform

Marketers believe that the email marketing can only be successful if the email lists are good. While it is obviously useful to have a great list, email marketing requires a good platform as well. Without a reliable application, you will not be able to accomplish your marketing aims. Aweber users find that the application is powerful and yet simple. The application is reliable along with its excellent support.

One of the more crucial aspects of a good email marketing application is its ability to send mails to the common email service providers. The most common providers of email like Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail should be supported by the marketing tool that you choose. Many of these tools face problems when their messages are being sent. Some emails sent by these tools get delivered after nearly 12 hours or more. Aweber does not face any of these problems.

Functions of the Aweber Application


The Aweber tool has, incredibly, more than 600 templates for newspapers. All of these templates are completely customizable.

You can create newsletters to send to your customers with Aweber. Aweber also gives you the freedom to decide the timings of the emails. You can either send them instantaneously or create a schedule for your emails. Your newsletters can easily be posted online so that people can go through them. Aweber also allows you to track how many of your newsletters have been opened.

Aweber also allows you to link it with any blogs that you might have. You can easily transform your posts in the blogs and send them to the subscribers’ list as an email. You can use this ability of Aweber only if your blogging application supports RSS feeds. Aweber allows you to decide the rate of conversion of your bog posts into newsletters as well. With A weber, you also gain the ability to merge the functions of Twitter and Facebook. It will allow users to share the newsletter that you have sent on those social media platforms and networks.

Forms for Signing Up

Creating forms for people to sign up for your newsletters can be a difficult task. However, Aweber has simplified the process tremendously. You can now create these forms with ease and ensure that they look good. Aweber allows you to use the large number of templates it has at its disposal. Aweber has a great trick up its sleeve. You can apply a form to your webpage which will slide into the view of the visitor accompanied by interesting effects.

The interface used by Aweber for creating the forms is simple. You just need to drag the appropriate item and drop it into the design of the template. Menus, text inputs, check boxes, buttons, dates, images, dividers and even a counter to measure the number of subscribers are just some of the options you get while designing your form. You do not need to have any skill in HTML in order to create these forms.

List Management

You can divide your email lists with Aweber. By creating sections you can target your subscribers properly. Instead of sending the next newsletter to everyone, you can send them to selected subscribers who have the capability to derive the maximum benefit out of it. You can create divisions based on various factors like geographical locations, those who clicked on links, and those who made purchases and so on. You can let Aweber give you their assistance, for free, in managing your previous lists when you sign up with them.


Aweber lets you create applications linked to your Aweber lists. Knowledge of HTML is necessary in order to create the applications. However, for those who do not possess the requisite knowledge, Aweber has a number of pre-made APIs to help you create applications for linking other websites


Support is crucial to your business and Aweber provides expert assistance to its users. You can avail of their support through email, phone or live online chats. Aweber also hosts webinars to help hone your skills.

In short

You get tremendous benefits when you use Aweber. Sending marketing emails becomes a much easier task.