Avatrade Offers Clients the Chance to Win the Car of the Year 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

The major online Forex/CFD broker company “AvaTrade” is promoting itself by offering to traders a chance for winning Ford Fiesta ST, which has been named a car of the year by major automotive magazines.
The chance to win this magnificent car will be open until September 30th. Participation is open for all clients who have deposits of minimum 500 USD by that time and who make one trade. After the end of that period all traders who qualified upon the rules, will be eligible to win the prize.

The new AvaTrade’s clients will still have the chance to get AvaTrader’s bonus which will reach up to 10,000 USD.
To win the car of the year 2014, you need to start trading in order to participate. Besides getting into the circle of possible Ford Focus ST owner, by joining AvaTrade, with the new instrument module, first you get up to 10,000 USD bonuses on your first deposit. You will have a variety of automated manual trading platforms; you will have more than two hundred financial instruments, commodities, equities, stock indices and ETFs. With the new website module, you will have streaming prices displayed; show of the latest trading quotes and you will have live charts for analyzing the most recent price movements.

AvaTrade has been pioneering in online trading for almost a decade now. Professional staff that stands behind the creation of the company in collaboration with experts in web-commerce had the goal to perfect the online conducting of retail trades
The expansion of AvaTrade was enormous. By now, AvaTrade has more than twenty thousand registered users who execute more than 2,000,000.00 transactions in a month. The company has more than 60 billion USD monthly transactions.

In on-line trading circles, AvaTrade is unique with its solid financial support and user friendly options. Users have options to manage their account and their trading in many languages, on many different levels based on experience of users.

What is AvaTrade?
If you read Avatrade review, you will see that AvaTrade is an international company founded in 2006 and their offices are spread throughout the world, and can be found in every continent. Their trade centers are situated in Dublin, Paris, Milan, Sydney, New York and Tokyo. AvaTrade’s main office with all administration is centered in Dublin, Ireland. It is a company that conducts its business by European Union standards.

AvaTrade offers adjustable trading platforms and services, so it is suitable for experienced as well as novice users, with 24 hours live support. It doesn’t matter what your capabilities are, simple platform that AvaTrade offers will make your online trading joyful part of your life. With more than 200 financial instruments, it is world’s leading on-line trade company.
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