Avapartner forex affiliate program earnings

One of the programs of affiliation of Ava Forex is AvaPartner, an affiliate which has won several awards for online currency trading, specifically for its platform. There is a circulation over 3000 billion USD every day at the Forex market, which is a good chance for associates who address to novice traders at Forex. Brokers, money managers, CPA programs who have partnerships with AvaPartner have much success, as they affiliate with a leader in this industry.

As a leader in the industry, a whole package of tools for advertising is what they offer regularly, including content at the internet, acquiring and providing clients with new technologies all with personal contact with affiliates in order to make everything function properly. AvaPartner is among best to help you with engaging with the Forex market. As the Forex is a growing market, AvaPartner is very potent in enabling you to make the best out of its growth, especially in the region of Middle East, where the popularity of trading at the Forex is really growing.

For starters who need tools for marketing, AvaPartner will ensure you to have it all as their affiliate. Banners and marketing through email, linking your pages to desired destinations and creating landing pages are all there for you in order to ensure affiliates to organize first class advertizing campaign. For your understanding of the situation, AvaPartner will provide you with reports about your commission, attraction of new customers, the amount of trades and more important highlights, as well as support in the case you need any help in regard of any more specific situation.

The reputation of AvaPartner started growing immediately after its foundation. By this time it has received numerous awards for its accomplishments in several areas of work. Customers from every corner of the world that only have the words of praise for AvaPartner are probably the best proof for its reputation, but still it is worthy to mention some of the awards that were given to AvaPartner, because of the significance of the awards. It is no wonder that AvaPartner got an award for being Best provider for the Islamic Forex as the Middle East region is fast growing Forex market, and AvaPartner is the most engaged provider there. This award was given by World Finance Forex Awards, which also awarded AvaPartner for being the best broker in the Middle East, best Canadian broker and more. All the awards only confirm what has been known from the beginning; Ava is a confident and reliable partner with excellent relations with their customers.

As it is the essential part for every company, relationship with customers has to be on the highest professional level, yet conducted in such a way that let’s your clients feel relaxed and assured in your confidence. Again, numerous awards that Ava did get for its excellent customer support wouldn’t mean much if there weren’t the army of satisfied customers with Ava’s support that is being available 24/5 in thirteen world languages, including major European and Asian languages – including Indonesian, Turkish, Swedish and Chinese. The members of the crew that communicates with the clients are excellent specialist for Forex, and there is nothing an expert trader might want to ask that the team couldn’t help with, as well as being able to understand the need of the beginners.

AvaPartner has a program that motivates you to refer new customers to deposit funds and trades with AvaForex. Through this program, Ava pays roughly 200 USD per each customer that becomes active through your actions (an active customer is a custom who deposits and trades). Over 10million USD was paid back in 2010 in commissions, and that number means business.
Commission Rate:
AvaPartner paid more than $10,000,000 in affiliate commissions in 2010, so you know they (and their affiliates) must be doing something right. With the AvaPartner CPA (Cost per Action) program, you receive a rebate for each referral you send that becomes a new active customer with AvaFx. In order to be considered a new active customer, the trader must deposit funds and trade at least once. The standard CPA payment is around $200, so it pays to play.

For brokers or money managers, AvaPartner offers an innovative revenue share model where the referring broker or manager receives a percentage of the total spread based on the customer’s trading volume. Commissions on this model can be 25 percent or more.

What Ava can offer besides the program is that you can come with a new trader who worth quite a bit and negotiate a customized fee for that. You can talk about your fees with Ava if there is an interesting referral in the option.
Simplicity of Ava is seen in the commission payment as well. The only minimum for a payout is for wire transferring and it amounts 400 USD. The payments are released each 15th of a month and it can be payed via PayPal, WebMoney, Moneybookrs, or a debit card that Ava issues, and through your account on Ava Forex.