AvaFx Forex Broker – try Autotrading platform where experts trade for you

The Ava group have earned themselves a reputation in the world of currency trading. They started their journey in the year 2006 with the assistance of professional financial experts and professional technology. It’s all regulated by both Irish authorities and the FSA.

The Avafx have opened offices in several financial centres in the world which include New York, Tokyo, Paris, Dublin and several other locations.
In this short period of time they have managed to get 150 thousand registered customers from over 150 countries around the world with a total dealing volume of $50 billion a month.

Ava dealing is based on online dealing. It was made to accommodate the individual requirements of both institutional and retail dealers. By giving 24 hours a day customer support, they are able to satisfy customer’s needs.
The live chat assistance for example is extremely helpful, very responsive and is able to answer most questions quite effectively.
Avafx provides different foreign exchange dealing strategies to their users, by choosing several dealing indicators and providing the chance to deal in their direct trading account. Avafx have 30 day demo accounts with $100,000 at your disposal. In those 30 days a newbie can easily get familiar with dealing in foreign exchange and the Avafx environment.
Avafx let’s you change the dealing providers by the date it was started, the profit factor, maximum draw, the pip profit and the currency pairs. Avafx’s dedicated webpage is extremely easy to understand compared to other trading providers, Avafx let’s you deal with 23 different currencies.

Auto trading is the most informative and thrilling part of the Avafx foreign exchange dealing experience. There are a few rules you have to follow when dealing in foreign exchange. For example, you must have a dealing account which contains at least $1000. Also, Avafx take a commission for one pip charges on every single deal. Even though a lot of brokers don’t charge any commissions, Avafx still has the best indicators compared to any other.

There are two mirror autotrading platforms for traders :
Zulutrade mirror trading platform video review:

Tradency mirror trading platform :

In Avafx foreign exchange dealing you can choose the Auto trading option and pick from several forex dealing strategies, where foreign exchange professionals (real foreign exchange dealers) deal on your behalf.

Every foreign exchange dealer requires experience in Avafx. Once you’ve got the experience with the demo account you should try it with a real account, there’s a lot to benefit from. Avafx is one of the top leaders in the industry of international currency dealing.

Zulutrade Avafx mirror dealing system, where professionals deal on your behalf:

The Avafx auto trading system provides the best indicators for dealing (majority use human dealing). In the last two months I tried the top five indicator providers on the list and made 1400 pips for two months (a profit of 20% and a risk of 10% of my money) with a maximum of four deals open at a time.

I also tried many providers (view Zulutrade report below):
Mirror trading trades - avafx and zulutrade

So, if you want head over to the Zulutrade sign-up section and open an account.
You can also try the demo account, to get a rough idea about it all, at Zulutrade and Avafx.

Have fun!!