What to Focus On When Going Through Forex Education

All novice traders have to go through free forex education because we are in front of a market that is highly specialized. The problem is that even experienced traders have to train properly and will keep learning as they keep improving. It does not matter if you just started trading or have done this for a few years now, it is always crucial that you realize how the trading patterns change and how to use modern technology to simplify forex trading procedures.

Essential tips in Free Forex Education

Forex technical analysis books - This is the best source of forex knowledge.The best book are Forex university book. I can suggest you John Murphy forex books which a lot of worldwide top forex traders used.
The Forex Glossary – A novice trader will probably not understand terms like hedging, pips, leverage or stop orders. You should seriously consult a good forex glossary and learn all the terms that are used in the forex market. If you know the terminology you can save a lot of time in making decisions and you can easily communicate with other people more efficiently.
Forex Strategies – Forex is by no means new and there are many experts that have created highly effective strategies that will help traders. Such strategies stand out as a synthesis of the experience that the trader has and in order to develop them we are faced with years of market analysis. In order to simplify forex trading you will need to learn good trading strategies. Even when you are faced with a really volatile market you will notice great results coming from respecting good strategies.
Forex Tutorials – There are many good forex sites that will give you access to high quality tutorials. You will need to look for sites that will give you many articles on many related topics. Only opt for those tutorials that are not sales oriented and will give you an easy way to understand the information that is given to you.

Consulting Broker Reviews – Choosing the broker that best suits your personal needs is highly important. The truth is that not all brokers are good and some will not help you to gain more profits. It is thus crucial that you read broker reviews in order to choose only the best possible workers to trade with. Go for sites that give many reviews and also analyze user reviews in order to get an even better picture of the services offered.
Subscribing to Newsletters – If you do this you will be aware of all the changing trades that are noticed in the highly volatile forex market. Thanks to newsletters you can find important info about basics, strategies and different trading styles that you might want to use.
The good news is that there are many ways to gain free forex education but you do need to be patient. Learn as much as you can and when you apply something new make sure that you start small.

Are books about Forex useful and what do they teach?
Forex market is becoming exceeding popular as the Internet and technological enhancements has made access to currency trade very simple and easy. So many amateur traders with no skills and experience have also joined the Forex market. Nevertheless, every novice trader feels the requirement to learn the essentials of Forex trade in order to prosper for which there are books to help.
Presently Internet is loaded with plenty of books on Forex trade which covers the technical and fundamental analysis, the trade psychology, management of capital, etc. Therefore there are learning resources for not only the amateurs but even for the pro traders.
This article explains some of the book categories and how they can be helpful to traders.
Books related to fundamental analysis covers literature on the various financial aspects on the global economy, not just the Forex. So in order to choose a beneficial book out of these books, pick out one that is addressing the traders.
Not all traders choose to trade utilizing the fundamental analysis. The ones who do have to adhere to certain basic factors that depict the frequently occuring shifts in market. On the other hand those who do not adhere to the factors are still required to have a basic idea of fundamental analysis.
Technical Analysis Literature
The amateur traders usually go for the literature on technical analysis because it is easier and it provides a trader with basic rules of Forex trade. By merely studying books on technical analysis a trader can start working in the Forex. Currently these books can easily be hunted down online but one disadvantage using these books could be that due to majority of this available literature being old the results might differ from the desired. However this doesn’t imply that technical analysis ought to be skipped but the traders working in Forex based on technical analysis must apply individual adjustments to the strategies.
Trading Psychology Literature
Despite whether a trader is experienced or a novice, reading literature of this category is a must as the psychology of some trader’s conduct determines the correct course of scheduled trading actions for a trading day without damaging health or funds. It is very frequent that traders take actions based on emotions and therefore may not be suitable for a particular market situation. Therefore these books on the trade psychology teach traders to subdue their emotions preventing them from hindering in their trade process.
Capital Management Literature
It is essential for every trader to read literature on management of the capital. Such literatures aid the trader in working out correct strategies for trade that provide maximum profit. Furthermore, reading these books in important as there is not much information online covering solely the topic of capital management and so reading them would take less time.
All personnel taking part in trade (pros or amateurs) ought to indulge in self education. Studying analysis literature and practicing the learnt knowledge will help make your trade experience rather productive and stimulating.

Turtle Channel

Turtle Channel
It is defined as the trading band made by finding the lowest and the highest costs of an asset on a specific time around cost of an asset.

Forex Position Tips

If you are good at playing mind games and analysis you will surely find that foreign exchange can be very profitable for you. The forex market will involve making profit thanks to volatility noticed by exchanging a currency with another when the moment is right. To put it simple, you buy at lower prices and sell at higher prices. In order to be a very good forex trader you will need to understand how different global market developments are affecting exchange rates. Also, whenever focusing on 2 currencies you need to be aware of the political and economic conditions while also noticing export-import trends. It is highly recommended to follow every single day, week and month the charts that analyze foreign exchange. This is done in order to identify opportunities that can potentially generate money for you.

In order to take part in the forex market you will need to sell or buy a currency. In long (buying) forex positions you will trade on the basis that this currency is going to gain value as time passes. You can easily perform forex long position trading even if you have a full time job because you are focused on making money in a longer time frame. Simply put, just think about the forex long position dealing with USD/CHF. This basically means that you sold Swiss francs for US dollars.

Tips to Buy Forex on Long Runs
If you are a beginner we are sure that you are going to need some tips in order to be successful. Let us think about the basics that you need to be aware of.
The most important aspect is to first practice with the use of demo accounts. This is actually recommended for around 2 months before you actually invest money in real live trading. Most of the beginners are going to find it really tough to gain profits as they lack experience and knowledge.

Follow Trends – You have a lot bigger chances to gain success if you are going to trade with the noticed trends. If you want to have long forex positions this is an ideal approach. When you go against trends you need to keep focused and your skill set needs to be much higher in order for goals to be achieved.
Calculate Reward / Risk Ratio when Using Long Forex – The perfect reward/risk ratio stands at 3 to 1. This basically means that you have three times higher chances to make profits than losing money. As an example, if you are expecting a 60 pips gain from one trade you are to enter the market only when you are risking a 20 pips loss. Such a technique is designed for long term investors, who have the aim of making stable profits on longer periods of time.
It is also highly important to choose a good broker to work with. This will actually increase success chances. Good brokers are offering a lot of updates and advice so you are positively influenced in your trading decisions.

Euro-zone Production

Euro-zone Production
It is release schedule at 9:00 GMT calculated every month. As data for some of the countries is assessed, the moderate revisions are ended to industrial construction when real data is obtainable from those countries.


Dealer is a person playing the role of a principalwhilebuying and selling of securities. The dealers trade in their own risk and account. This is a contrast to the dealers who are engaged in trading for their clients.

Global currency war in 2015. – gold will go higher

The flood of cheap printed money of the European Union raises the value of gold and intensified global trade relationsThe euro plunged to its lowest level since 2003.
The president of the US investment bank Goldman Sachs Gary Kon and global financial and political elite gathered at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB) announced plan of additional printing of more than 1.1 billion euros from March 2015 to September 2016.
EURUSD falls from 2014 till 2015 - 2868 pips down
Immediately after the publication Dragi, the euro plunged to its lowest level since 2003, while gold and silver prices rose immediately.The euro has lost in 2014. 18 percent of its value against the US dollar. Only in the last 30 days, the euro plummeted 8.5 percent compared to the US currency. Meanwhile, global currency exchange yesterday have begun to bet whether the euro will be worth 0.9 US dollars before 2016.

The IMF earlier this year estimated that the global economy in 2015 will grow more slowly than the Bretton Woods institutions predicted last fall (3.5 percent instead of 3.8 percent). The exception, according to the IMF, is the US, which should register a growth of 3.6 percent instead of 3.1. IMF in the eurozone of tiny expected economic growth of 1.2 per cent (regardless of record drop in the price of oil) instead of the autumn forecasts of 1.3 percent.

In such existential gray, the ECB is publishing packages bond-buying public and private sector institutions and EU de facto devalued euro. The move to commercial banks are supposed to get rid of securities, and money to gain from their sale could to lend to new economic investment cycle. The problem is that commercial banks “could”, but in fact are not required to be “in a time of complex and strong cross-currents” (score IMF) cast on granting new loans.

Euro becomes the latest link in the global war on currencies, a move which, according to Alex Weber, a former governor of the Bundesbank, ECB only buys time politicians who do not have a plan of structural reforms to revive the economyinto the financial system of the euro area. Plan for dealing with “teeing times” have neither the politicians in many other parts of the world. Probably because of the central bank of India, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, China … in recent weeks withdrew a series of drastic moves that surprised the stock market: whether it is in terms of lowering benchmark interest rate, the separation of parity with the euro, injecting large amounts of cash in order to ensure liquidity …

Now cheapened euro means, for example, that the German car exporters are becoming direct competition with Japanese and American vehicle manufacturers.
gold go bullish in 2015
Sudden strengthen the dollar threatens the strong growth of the US economy and exports. Specifically, how American business to cope with the competition, which drastically lower value of its currency and its deflation exported to others?
In the meantime, investors, and ordinary people, tired recent turmoil in the global market paper currencies, these days are back again to gold.

Following the publication of Frankfurt, an ounce of gold is valued in euros price increased three percent, while the dollar and sterling jumped by about one percent. Gold will at times like this all just be more expensive, forecasting traders in the City of London.

Covered Call – What is a Covered Call in forex?

What is a Covered Call?

Definition of Covered Call: This can be defined as an option plan in which a shareholder has large number of valuable assets like commodity, currency and security and auctions the call strategies on that similar asset for creating extra income. The plan is perfect if the investor considers that in a short term horizon, the value of his asset will remain neutral and flat. For instance, you may be involved in a specific stable currency since a long time period. If you start selling the calls at a hit cost over the existing value, it will be regarded as extra income. Moreover, you have capped the profit potential at the strike price level. The plan can also be utilized for writing short plans. An enclosed call is also popularly known by the name of “buy-write”.