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· For exciting clients

Ava FX presents you with a Ramadan gift 10% bonus of the first deposit (up to 1,000$) made during the promotion term (July 20th 2012 – August 3rd, 2012).

Gift for ramadan you can get during Ramadan days. When is Ramadan 2012 ?Ramadan in 2012 will start on Friday, the 20th of July and will continue for 30 days until Saturday, the 18th of August.

Instaforex Review – Reasons to select Instaforex Over Many Other Online Forex Brokers

In Malaysia Instaforex is one of the most popular foreign exchange brokers. Instatrade Corporation founded Instaforex in 2007, and a well known British magazine announced Instaforex as the best foreign exchange brokerage in Asia.
Instaforex, also called ECN, is a broker that’s managed by the Russian Federal Service for economic markets via another company known as Instatrade investment.

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Instaforex Malaysia review :

Instaforex is a foreign exchange broker that provides leverage rises of up to 1:1000.

In Malaysia, Instaforex made a big effort and went to great lengths to make their presence known.

1. Having an office in KLCC Kuala Lumpur, Petronas Twin Tower.
2. They’ve made it extremely easy for clients to make deposits, withdrawals and transfers via their new dealing portal.
3. You can also use credit cards for deposits, as well as other Malaysian electronic transaction providers.
4. They’ve made it very easy for newbies to begin using a free demo account for dealing. If you want to start dealing with real money you have to make a deposit of $10.
5. Their websites provides complete support. If you come across any issues when you’re dealing you can easily get answers you need from the online chat.
6. It now has SSL technology to make dealing safe.
7. They’re an established and registered business in Malaysia, INSTAFX(M) SDN BHD (869598-M).

Is Instaforex broker a scam?

It depends on who to talk to, but it is a hard investment tool to use. Because of shifts in the market and if Instaforex gets a bad reputation you could lose money.

So why is Instaforex good then?

Apart from the excellent features stated earlier, you can see the following benefits:

1. Minimum deposit amount.

In the foreign exchange industry Instaforex have the lowest minimum amount of deposit, with $10 deposit anybody can begin dealing. A lot of people began with $10 and have grown to deal with thousands of dollars.

2. Leverage.
Instaforex provides customers with flexibility with dealers. Do you believe that by picking a leverage starting at 1:1 and ending with 1:1000 depends on how difficult it is to manage while dealing? A conservative dealer prefers to use a long-term tactic for profit, with a leverage of 1:100 for you. If you think 1:1000 is better for you then you’ll struggle more and take greater risks.

3. A no spread foreign exchange broker

A while ago it was practically unheard of, you can deal at Instaforex but no with spreads.

4. Offers swap free accounts

Swap free accounts are also called Islamic accounts, intended for dealers who use dealing system without considering the impact of swaps on people can’t use them because of their religion.

So, do you want to start by depositing money in Instaforex?

If you’re not sure you can just open a free demo account, which will help you to get an idea about dealing with Instaforex.
But it’s obviously better to deal with real money, if you have the experience and knowledge you can start by just depositing 10 dollars and expand from there.

Retail Sales

Retail Sales
It is defined as the estimation of the whole sales of products by the retail establishments in U.S for a month earlier to the report release. Data is presented in current, nominal, dollars which means that they cannot be adjusted for the rise in cost. However, these data can be adjusted for holiday, seasonal and trading day dissimilarities between several months in a year.

Transaction Risk

Transaction Risk
The chance of exchange rate dealing with time delay between making an entry into the contract and then settling it is known as transaction risk.

Forex correlation and History of Trading Patterns of Major Currencies

There is a constant growth in the currency markets due to the expectations of the economic growth. The position of market is not very flourishing as Eurozone is expected to go down in the very first quarter and on other hand, China is aiming this year to reach lowest growth rate for GDP since 1999. As a result, US is recovering from the effects of financial crisis that occurred globally in 2008 as it is now the main countervailing force with the low binary risk in trading patters due to which investors are now representing a distinctive position.

For the USD currency, the result has been that prices are improving in positive way in the direction of the domestic economic activities with the officials of Federal Reserve leaving their dovish rhetorical behavior. If we compare USD to British Pound and Euro, the outcome has been that in price action expectations in interest rate have been the major factor. Therefore, now GBPUSD and EURUSD currency pairs are setting new standards for short term expectations in yield. This shows that declining Europe even if the Fed withdraws, will keep its BOE and ECB policies in action.

In the meantime, the Japanese currency Yen is returning once again to its long lasting relationship with the United States Treasury yields. Now the Treasury yields show that it is very attractive option for Japan to now recycle the access USD it has earned during the trade back to their local currency rather than turning it to USD. This position is the benchmark for USD currency surplus returns. The quick change in USDJPY position is understandable with the background conditions of rebounding of US bonds returns. On the other side, the efforts of BOJ to avoid deflation by introducing third version of Fed QE did not gained much attraction. There can be sharp changes in the risk aversion which will be supportive for Yen.

The rest of the constantly inclined currencies like Canada, New Zealand and Australian dollars will keep following the stock process. These currencies are known to have developed sensitivity against the world business cycle as a connection between the national monetary policy in country and commodity prices. The economic growth of Canada is dependent on the raw materials provided by the US which is the largest economy of the world whereas New Zealand and Australia are more dependent on trade relations with China which is the second largest economy. This means that the critical economic conditions of these Commonwealth countries are similar. This means the “commodity dollars” will be following the MSCI Stock Index with the stock’s trades and long term growth trends of these economies.

How to use Retail Sales (MoM) in forex trading ?

The index of retail sales is used to describe the total number of good sol by retailers in a month. The final report is compiled after taking data from all the retailers who can of different types and sizes. This index helps to estimate the level of consumer confidence, which can be either positive or negative.
The index report is released every month in almost middle of the month. It is usually released when the markets are open and working. The main purpose of the report is to publish the data from the previous months, and then it is known as an advanced report. After the calculation of the final report, it can be easily revised. Analyst and traders mostly look at the “ex-auto” figure from this report as this means that report doesn’t include the data came from sold cars. This is because cars are an expensive item that should not be included in the final report. Without the car’s data, one can get more corrective results for the retail sales index.
The good thing is that the final report manages to combine sales data from various sources like in-store sales, retail sales, internet sales, and mail order sales. After calculating data from various sources, it is then broken down into multiple categories like clothing, food, and beverages.
Stock market is another market that keeps a close eye on the retail sales. This is because this data can help those investors who are investing in the retail companies. Additionally, the retail sale is also a huge part of a country’s GDP. If the volume of retail sales in decreased, it will directly lead to a short recession.
The retail sales data is usually correct as it is updated on the regular intervals. According to the forex market players, the data of retail sales is very hard to interpret. Traders from the Europe and Asia appreciate the rise in buying trend of Americans as this can help to increase the dollar position which is considered as a bullish trend. However, if the retail sales are too strong, it could leave the dollar into a detrimental position as many goods from the various ranges are imported. This directly means that there will be an increase in the non-dollar currencies. If the retail sales are too weak, it could lead to a recession time which will leave negative effects on the dollar.

Directional Movement Index

Directional Movement Index
It was invented by Welles Wider to fund the whole direction of an offered cost of a valuable asset. It consists of two different lines among which one represents a positive way whereas another represents a negative way. For calculating this index, a dealer at first calculates the dissimilarity between the existing high and the earlier high cost and the dissimilarity between the earlier low and the exiting low cost. This index can be utilized in trending the markets in determining strong purchase and selling signals.

Implied Volatility – What is Implied Volatility in forex?

Definition of Implied Volatility:
This is described as a method used for measuring the volatility of the underlying asset cost or the relative cost of a currency pair. This is calculated by considering the current premiums of trading and by evaluating the level of option premium depending on the level. There are generally two ways for considering volatility. The first is to evaluate a deviation in a sequence of rate change that has taken place in the early days. In such a case, the trader can select the time according his preference. Te historical volatility is yielded by the calculation. Moreover, most of the traders are concerned about the expectations of future and usually find insights premiums that are charged in the market. This is known as an implied volatility. It correlates with the historical value because of the uncertainty of the market regarding future. Playing the role of a currency market, most of the studies have discovered that the implied volatility plays the role of a perfect forecaster of the future volatility which is regarded better when compared with the historical volatility. It is generally stated on a yearly basis as alterations in the percentage.