2015 market trends in my point of view

Things to consider in 2015
The market is an entity for itself, but it is heavily influenced by many things that are not market. Traders should keep an eye on the things that are going on in the world. Many happenings influence the market directly, and those things are obvious, but there are certain things that influence the market indirectly.
The beginning of this year had occurrences that caused certain problems, namely the terrorist shooting in France and unlocking the Swiss franc.

This year started with oil price dropping already, and from 106USD per barrel in the midst of 2014, to 48USD now, which means 54% in just half a year. Many things changed price due to oil price change, so companies might change their service prices and thus raise the value of their shares and so on and so on. But as market is always a changing line, turbulence might be tricky for traders. So keeping an eye on oil price might be useful.

Federal Reserve policy to maybe raise rate is also giving us reasons to worry, or at least to sleep with one eye opened.
People are starting to notice the value of US Dollar, and its strength might mean at this point that the future will be bright for dollar and that the dollar will be steady currency. So, have in mind the pace of dollar.
Equity and bond markets should continue with their surges that have been obvious the past two years, as volatility has declined and the stocks separated from the rest of the market. Ability to last long at both markets will be an advantage for any trader.
Information of this type you have just read are important due to flexibility of the market, and a rigid trader will have difficulties in standing with both feet in the ground of the market.

What do I see important ?

There are important levels in 2015 :

EURUSD and 1.1 level.If we see strong support I think that price can go till 1.2.-1.3 for EURUSD.
GBPNZD – I see 2.15-2.2 as interesting targets for this currency pair.
USDCAD is at resistance. If price doesn’t break 1.26 – we can see 1.19 level and than maybe stronger trend switch.
GOLD – 1200 is important level and I want to see 1300 breaks to confirm stronger move for gold in this year.

Of course this is just current point of view. Important fundamental new will give clear picture.